Fair Trade Kullu Blanket Wrap

Fair Trade Kullu Blanket Wrap


Now, is this a blanket or a wrap you ask?

We say both!

Big enough to use as a cozy blanket, yet light enough to be worn as a wrap or chunky scarf, they are a versatile layer option and just straight up gorgeous!

But what truly makes them beautiful is the fact that they are 100% handcrafted and all made with respect to Fair Trade guidelines. Stemming from the beautiful Kullu Valleys up in the Himalayas, the rich heritage from that region is carried through with the craftsmanship and designs of these blanket wraps.

Please note, the Kullu Blanket Wrap is thicker and wider than the Manali Blanket Wrap. So if you like it nice and chunky when worn as a scarf, or a longer shawl for when you are meditating then this is the one for you!

Content: 100% Merino Wool
Measurement: 40' X 84'
Dry Clean Only
Handmade in the Kullu Valleys of India

5% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Local Women's Handicraft in Kathmandu Nepal to shelter and train women who fled from abusive or forced marriages. Having visited Nepal and seen the terrible poverty and negligence towards women, Woven by Wander is very committed to help these women get out of poverty and lead a more fulfilling life.

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