Fair Trade Dipdyed "Eat, Travel, Love" Tote Bags

Fair Trade Dipdyed "Eat, Travel, Love" Tote Bags


Woven by Wander is proud to partner with Freeset Global for our "Endless Travels" tote bag collection. Made for those who are all heart and no fuss, these simple yet versatile bags are the perfect travel companion to visit a market or take to the beach.

If most of your delirious travel memories are derived from having a meal with locals, eating street food that blew your mind or from visiting Michelin star restaurants abroad, then our "Eat, Travel, Love" tote bag will surely resonate with your inner travel foodie. The design is custom made by myself and I collaborate with the organization to sew the items and screenprint the design by hand.

Using 100% organic cotton, these bags were lovingly made by rescued victims of sex trafficking in India. With each bag purchased, you are supporting women from tragic pasts and giving them hope for a happier future. 

100% Organic Cotton Canvas
Printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink
Designed & dipdyed by hand in Montreal
Measurement: 15.7" X 15.7" with 1.2" wide strap
Manufactured in certified fair trade company in India

** MAKERS NOTE: Each tote bag is individually dipdyed, so colour and finishes may vary slightly.

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