Woven by Wander founder Lucy Shih has always cherished the beautiful, yet intimidating feeling of traveling to new places. It was during her time abroad in Nepal that she began to plant the seed of the company she would later launch when she got back to her hometown of Montreal.

With both a degree in Sociology and Fashion, she was eager to start her own social venture and began working with some of the artisans she met in Nepal ensuring each item was made ethically by following fair trade guidelines and producing only small batches. This aspect resonated deeply with her belief in slow fashion, while working with skilled but disadvantaged artisans resonated with her social background.

Inspired by the people, stories and captivating scenery from her time abroad, she decided to share her travel discoveries with her family and friends. What first started with a small circle in her entourage soon grew bigger when her first collection of Nepal Shawls were featured in a local yoga boutique in Montreal. 

"Having this platform to be able to reach more people and connect them with the artisans who make each item is what I aspired to do from the beginning."

As she continues to wander to new places collecting stories and building connections along the way, Woven by Wander will continue to expand. 




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