Local Women's Handicraft - Women's Organization in Kathmandu Nepal
With each purchase from Woven by Wander, we will donate 5% of the sales proceeds to Local Women's Handicraft in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Local Women's Handicraft is a fair trade sewing collective based out of Kathmandu, Nepal. The business focuses on empowering and educating women with the intent to change the social and cultural norms in Nepal. The collective is comprised of women who are challenged by physical disability, come from abusive homes, are fleeing extreme poverty, or just looking to educate themselves to move forward in their lives. Many have escaped forced marriage and simply want to be independent human beings. 
 "The mission of Local Women’s Handicraft is to bring hope to human beings. It is a way for us to express our individuality and share our creativity with the world.  LWH strongly supports freedom, self-reliance, liberation, and we provide an environment to grow, nurture and refine a skill.
We teach independence and innovation, and believe that allowing individuals to find their voice is a critical part of building self-esteem.
With a tiny bit of hope and support LWH can seek and live this opinion."

                                                  -Nasreen Sheikh, Founder of Local Women’s Handicrafts

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