Thoughts on Nepal

When people asked me the impossible question of “where was your favourite travel destination in the world?”, I’m always half annoyed by the fact that they want to simplify an undescribable part of my life into one short answer, and half perplexed by the complete inability to even start sizing each country against one another. Each place brought a different type of magic unique and memorable on its own, but that kind of answer is rarely reduced enough to please the clueless minds. 

The word Nepal was always silently being played in my mind and therefore was the country I would ultimately name as my “favourite” when unfairly forced to answer that dreaded question. And I realise why I tend to have it on my mind a lot: Nepal lightning bolted me into the person I always wished I would become. It started with a brutally shocking first exchange of the senses but soon turned into admiration for the chaos and planted a small seed in me.

I grew a business out of the love I discovered for the crafts and materials found while visiting the different parts of Nepal. I learned to love the chaotic. I discovered a maternal component in my otherwise carefree life, when volunteering with young orphans. I made lifelong bonds with many of the people I met who were destined to be crossing my path and me crossing their path.

Most of all, witnessing the very harsh poverty faced by the good people of Nepal, I couldn't look away and let somebody else deal with this problem. I felt a need to create my own change and ways to improve Nepal. I vowed to help however big or small upon my return and it pushed me to start what is now WNDRLST. It became a mission of mine to no longer work for the sole purpose of earning money but instead, work for a meaning. 

The terrible news of the magnitude 7.9 earthquake near Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, resulting in thousands of deaths, collapsed buildings and ensued chaos was… well, I have no words.

No word can describe the sadness I carried around for all the lives lost, the pain suffered for those who survived, for the worry of the missing people I am still waiting to hear from, for the way the little kids at the orphanage must be feeling and so much more.

Sadly, Nepal is in bigger need for help now than when I last visited the country. And for this, I cannot sit idle.

Rather than donating 5% of the profit from the sales of the Nepal items on WNDLRST, I will donate 100% of proceeds to help relief efforts to rebuild the crumbled country.

I’m still reeling from the news and overwhelmed with negative emotions. Butfor each time I seea crumbled building that was the result of the earthquake, I can’t help but see the opportunity to rebuild a better Nepal. Build one that is safer, stronger and ultimately prepared for the future rather than living in dangerously dated infrastructures.

Nepal may not be my only “favourite “ place I’ve travelled to, but it definitely did affect me the most. And for that, I am grateful. 

Please donate to the Nepal Earthquake aid relief with your preferred organisation, or help raise funds to be donated by purchasing any items through WNDRLSTSHOP.COM and we will donate for you. Again, 100% of the sales proceed will be donated.


NepalLucy Shih