Toronto Fair Trade Show

Celebrating socially and environmentally driven businesses

Slowly, we are starting to see a shift in the way consumers make buying decisions in the retail landscape. What was once a norm for shoppers to be buying more for less and focusing on the bottom savings, we are now seeing more and more people buying less but buying better.

By focusing on the quality of each item, caring about how the goods were made and deciding to use their buying power for good use, the fair trade industry has drawn many socially conscious individuals to leap into social entrepreneurship.

With its 3rd instalment coming up this weekend, the Fair Trade Show is a unique show in Canada that highlights local and international brands who wishes to better the world. By connecting brands with conscious consumers and weaving stories of each product, it offers plenty of opportunity to learn more about different initiatives and products. Woven by Wander is a proud exhibitor at this show and we are so excited to be there with our collection of ethically sourced items. 

We hope to see you guys there in great numbers and you can find out more about the event here.

Have a great weekend!



Lucy Shih