Because our new collection is anything but square: Introduction to our new round beach towels and blankets

Oh hey! 

Let's talk about this roundie business shall we?

How and why did Woven By Wander choose to introduce these round towels and blankets?

Well, that all chalks up to my past experiences with travel and the lessons accumulated along the way. Since the round the world tour of 2013/2014 that started with an overstuffed 72L backpack (that was so heavy I actually couldn't wear it longer than 15mins at a time!), I have since dwindled my packing down to a single 32L carry on backpack on the most part. On long haul stints that involved months living in Europe, I still do have a checked luggage. But for otherwise shorter travels, I only use a carry on size backpack whether for a weekend getaway or for monthlong excursions.

Many reasons have lead me to downsize my travel gear, but most of all, it was from pure misery of having an overpacked monster backpack that I drudged around for months. The realization of just how few items I actually used made me begrudgingly admit how poorly I packed. Worst of all, I had to be reminded of this mistake every time I had to move around with the giant backpack on my back.

Another factor into my transition into a light packer was all the added expenses that came with checked luggages. Having to book multiple flights and paying for checked bags each time made for such a useless expense in my opinion. As more and more airlines are now enforcing this bag regulation, it was making it crystal clear that I had to change my packing method.  

Becoming a lighter traveller meant that I had to find very versatile items to pack. Items that weren't bulky, easy to maintain (washes easily and dries fast) and still really awesome looking. As much as I do want to pack light, I still want my wardrobe and accessories to reflect my own sense of style.  I did not want to sacrifice that for the sake of compactness. 

At the same time, I also wanted to be a more thoughtful consumer and mass produced items simply didn't cut it for me anymore. Cheap disposable items from Wal-Mart or Target for example would be the easy purchase, but it would go against the ethics I stood for.

And I knew I wouldn't be the only one who felt this way.

Having first seen roundie beach towels while travelling in Australia from brands like The Beach People, I adored the look of a round towel instantly. However, with such a limited capacity for storage in my backpack as it was, there was no way a towel could also fit in it. It simply was too bulky for my taste and it also lacked the fair and ethical production methods I was seeking. 

Later on, as I was developing new items for summer travels, I thought back on the many turkish towels I've used and travelled with. They were the perfect travel towel, being lightweight, space saving, ultra absorbent and fast drying. Basically everything was there except for the round towel shape I wanted. 

Lucky for me, I was also put in touch with a wonderful team that worked with artisans in remote regions of Turkey who specialized in making towels with 100% turkish cotton. The magical components needed to actually develop what I had envisioned was lining up so I decided to put my two ideas together: utilizing the great qualities of a turkish towel and transforming it into a round shape towel!


And that folks, is how these superb round travel towels came into reality! By experiencing the struggles first hand and by sourcing ethical production methods as part of the solution, I was able to end up with a finished product I am incredibly proud of. 

From one traveler to another, I know you can be the awesome globetrotter you want to be without compromising style, space and ethics!

Take a look at our Turkish Roundie Towels and Blankets collection here!

JournalLucy Shih