Story Collectors


When you travel, you become a story collector. Those special little memories from a faraway place feels like living in a fairytale sometimes. And that is perhaps why we love items that also comes with its own story.

Our fair trade Origami Wool shawl and Herringbone Viscose shawl are both made from a women's cooperative in Nepal who hires victims of abuse, violence and poverty. These women live at a shelter provided by the cooperative or they can choose to stay and work from their community. At the moment, they are employing 80 women from the Kathmandu area.

Each of those scarves are hand woven in a plain colour (including the twists at the ends), then individually hand printed into different patterns.

As a social enterprise, the cooperative also gives 60% of their profits to Women's Foundation Nepal (WFN) allowing them to finance their projects (shelters, legal assistance, trainings, micro credits, etc) and helping an even broader range of women. 

Knowing that each of these items are made from hands that have suffered terrible things in their lives gives me abit of the shivers, knowing that there was so much pain attached to this person. But at the same time, it gives me hope. Now knowing that they are in a better place, living in a safe environment and working with fair wages and building a future away from the painful past. And that is the story I like to tell whenever I am asked to introduce my collection: when they buy our fair trade shawls, they are owning something that has a soul, a struggle and a story behind it. 

ArtisansLucy Shih