Nepal India Border Strike


"Due to imposed control on the amount of car allowed on the road to control the oil shortage, Nepalese people rush to travel in public bus as they were returning to home in Kathmandu, 28 September 2015. Nepalese are facing an acute crisis of petroleum products and other essential commodities after neighboring India has stopped supplies."

After a monster earthquake back in April that left the country in rubbles, Nepal has since slowly tried to pick up the pieces and try to return to normalcy. 

But just as they are preparing to take a step forward and start their economy again by returning to the work force, they are hit with another blockade - right as the highest travel season and biggest festival of their holiday calendar starts in October nonetheless.

The border between Nepal and India has been blocked for several weeks now due to protestsin the south of the country, thus preventing basic necessities like rice, produce and oil to be entered. This has made work, let alone basic survival very hard for a county already struck by so many hardships. And being a landlocked country on top of it all, they are extremely dependent on supplies coming in from India.

It's definitely not easy working with a country like Nepal, there are endless ways something as simple as a shawl can be delayed. But I am certainly not complaining. This type of situation, as frustrating as it may be sometimes, are only superficial difficulties for me. Meanwhile, the people who are living through these are the ones who should be upset. There is constant stream of difficulties being tossed at them (instability at the government level, extreme poverty, daily power outages, lack of education and medical services in remote regions, treacherous road conditions, etc) and these would drive any non-Nepali individual truly mad! But being accustomed to such terrible circumstances, they somehow always seem to pull through.

At the present moment, we are unable to receive our seasonal goods from Nepal due to the shortage of supplies they are facing. We do apologize for this inconvenience and hope that this will all be resolved and we can be stocked and ready for the holiday season.

Again, this is out of our control and we can only wait patiently as this plays out (which we hope it does soon!).

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Thank you very kindly for all your patience and we hope to be back with new stock very soon!

NepalLucy Shih