After what seemed like an over indulgent past few days of constant ads and push to buy things on sale, I find it extremely thoughtful to introduce #GivingTuesday to the after party. 

Will it be anywhere near as popular as Black Friday or Cyber Monday madness? Hard to tell, but I hope it catches some steam and perhaps make people realize how much senseless frenzy was caused in the previous days. 

I gave it a lot of thought in the past few days on how to contribute to this movement. There really are plenty of choices to whom you can donate money to and it ranges from conservation organizationsnon-profits to celebrity endorsed charitable causes

I particularly love the #GivingTuesday site which allows you to choose the type of donation you would like to make, ranging from country to causes, you can input each detail and they will match you with your donor recipient. AH-MAZING!

On my end, I toyed with many ideas on how to kick off my very first #GivingTuesday and was actually a little overwhelmed by the options. So I narrowed my options and chose to be resourceful. And by resourceful, I meant giving what I could in terms of time and goods without dipping into my wallet. 

(Not that there is anything wrong with donating, I simply chose to donate another time and offer to give something other than money this time around)

Thinking of what to give away, I immediately thought of giving away clothes and other household items but that sounded redundant as I do it anyways on a regular basis. So looking around, I found a lot of little items such as samples and hotel toiletries which gave me the idea to create care packages to giveaway to the homeless I encountered.

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