Last Sunday, WNDRLST attended a wonderful event surrounded by amazing and inspiring ladies at the Lighten Up Symposium in Montreal. It was a conference geared towards empowerment and it inspired me to write this blog post ahead of the upcoming holidays.

There are so many different ways to empower and support one another and one of those ways is by choosing how to spend your hard earned money.

By supporting artisans and small businesses, you, as a consumer, are creating a shift in the unbalanced economy and showing support for a more sustainable way of doing business. It's terribly competitive to battle against large corporations, but more and more, there are smaller businesses who are winning the battle. And that is all thanks to conscientious consumers who value a well-made, ethical and thoughtful purchase over a fast, cheap and disposable one.

Buying less but better really is a concept we need to relearn. We were tempted with choice and cheap options and grew up with the experience that things don't need to be mended because we can simply replace them. But sadly, our resources are not endless and our landfills are not bottomless. Using up precious resources that then end up in our landfills simply made no sense anymore.

So if you want to be make a difference, impact lives and feel empowered, I simply urge you to use your spending power to support those smaller businesses who will appreciate you as a customer alot more and where your money will go a long way.

Where you decide to spend your money, is who you are ultimately agreeing to support. We hope you keep that in mind during the upcoming holidays! 

Lucy Shih