We are fine - Update from Nepal

That was the email title in my inbox that stood out . And if nothing else went right today, at least this happened.  

Words from the jewelry artisans from Nepal finally reached my inbox after days of silence. The email explained the current situation they are dealing with and the unfortunate losses they have faced. 

I'm still waiting for news from other Nepali artisans as well as the family whom I stayed with and the kids from the orphanage. It's rather hard to remain positive when the deathtoll is climbing at such a rapid rate. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you the email so we can share in the experience. We may not be in Nepal nor may we be facing any catastrophy as devastating as what the Nepalis are currently facing, but when our fellow human being is suffering and in desperate need of basic necessities, we musn't detach ourselves from that. I think there is value in shared experiences and if we just put ourselves in their shoes for one minute, we'll realise very quickly how badly they need our help and how foolish it would be to not offer any.

So put yourself in their shoes for just one minute. And then do what your heart tells you to do. 

Dear friends,

I am overwhelmed with the message of love and prayers. With all your prayers and love, most of us and our producers are fine. We are assessing the damage and trying to ease the situation. At the mean time the grieving news are coming. Some staff lost her father, some lost houses, relatives, one to member trapped 3 of family members and 2 friends, still trying to get them out from the debris.. hopes are gloomy to take them alive.

Fair Trade Group Nepal is trying to set up for relief work. Many helping hands are asking how they can reach to the needy ones. Hence, by tomorrow, we will come up with the details where any one can support. Followings are the immediate help needed

1.       Medical globs, masks, and medical tools for hospital and aid works

2.       Tents, plastic sheets, blankets

3.       Water purifiers

4.       Medicine to control water born diseases

5.       Packed food, water

I will come with the updates as can possible… Thank you so much for all your support.



NepalLucy Shih