On the road again

Tis time once again to step away from the familiar and give my curiosity another taste of life. 

Just as it is necessary to dedicate and work hard to reach your goals, I think it is equally necessary to balance that out and step away from it. So much inspiration and energy could be infused into your work when you are able to enjoy a break, so that's a big reason why I try to do this every so often. Fresh eyes brings fresh ideas afterall.

Will there be more worldly goodies discovered along the way? Who knows! But that's the kind of unknown I thoroughly enjoy. So let's see come fall what else may be available, shall we? 

WNDRLSTSHOP.COM will therefore be on hold for this summer period. If you would like to purchase anything, please visit Studio Bliss Boutique website or the store in Montreal to be able to view the items. Certain items are available there until quantities run out. 

I wish all you WNDLRSTERS a fantastic spring/summer!  And you can always stay in touch (thanks technology!) so feel free to send a hello my way!



Lucy Shih