"Nepal is in Pain"

It was a magnitude 7.4 earthquake this morning and Nepal was hit with another major earthquake. So soon after the last one that took over 8000 lives. 

The worrying for friends and artisans begin all over again as we wait for news oncemore about their safety. But that is next to nothing compared to the trauma the Nepalis have to live through again.

It's really unsettling that Nepal cannot seem to catch a break. I had just heard from Nasreen (from Local Women's Handicraft) a few days ago and her words at that point were already of exhaustion and desperation. The normally joyous and excited Nasreen as I knew is no longer present in the words she shared with me.

Hello my dear Lucy ...so lucky to servive in this terrified world..we are okay ..my shop is in danger ..the house I was living is also not safe..some of our women's got injury.. Most of them loose house ..but we do have friend from USA updating in webpages..
Life been so hard we loose Alot.we loose all the old houses..most of the villages completely destroyed..
It took us years to build ..took second to destroy.. We just don't know how to restart..
Nepal is in pain ..everyone needs help we helped until now 300 people..
But it feels we didn't help any ..because its not only one village.. 100 of village.. Is destroyed.. My heart is pain ..
Sorry for not able to reply u ASAP..
I didn't had electric neither internet..
Peace to world ...

And now this. Another major quake to rattle an already delicate situation. My heart is simply exploding with grief at the moment. And although I am not on the grounds and facing disaster first hand, I can relate to her feeling of helplessness. Because I too feel like I am not doing nearly enough to lessen the pain of these people. 

And this is why I am reaching out to you via this post. I tend to not overshare too much and only expose pockets of my life, but for this, I am completely raw with emotions and it cannot be contained.

 "Nepal is in pain" as Nasreen wrote in her email. They worked so hard and had so little and now they have lost it all. 

In a fair world, we would all focus our efforts and energy to help the most in need and the most in pain. But I live in a world of selfies and personal gain. There really is alot more that we can give to help them and that is what I hope this posts resonates with 

I hope we can put aside whatever small stuff we're sweating right now and focus on the grander scheme of things. I hope we can feel or sense the vibration of the world around us and know when someone needs our help. And I hope we can be guided to be a good person to respond to our neighbour in need.

 I truly hope that you do a kind gesture today.

NepalLucy Shih