Hey, we're back!

Back from Europe and already kicking the WNDRLST season into high gear. 

The summer abroad was a fantastic getaway and allowed for my depleted batteries to recharge again after tackling the many challenges involved with launching a company. The lessons and triumphs from the launch till now have been many and I'm excited to go through it alllll over again (with perhaps less painful lessons this time around!). 

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to collaborate with The Wanderly and participate in the Big on Bloor Street Festival in Toronto. Our ecclectic booth featuring our travel treasures made for such a fun weekend! Handmade jewelry from Nepal mixed with hand beaded necklaces from Mexico, vintage kilim carpets from Turkey next to fairtrade dhaka bags from Nepal. It was a beautiful booth with each item telling a different story. 

We really enjoyed the vibe from Toronto and loved sharing our stories with the people who passed by our booth.

So back on the shawl wagon we go and we'll keep you posted on futur festival appearances from WNDRLST. We are currently working on brand new designs for shawls and are excited to reveal them to you as soon as we can sneak some photos out. 

We had a fantastic rollercoaster ride during our first season and are super excited to jump into our second season so here we go!

Lucy Shih