Post Election Thoughts

Went to bed last night and woke up today feeling like many others around the world did: bewildered and fearful for what the future will bring.

Facing a new world riddled with people wanting to push others out and will lie and belittle others simply to push their own agendas, I was forced to reflect on some of the marvels that traveling has taught me. Foremost, that there are ups and downs, and that frequently good things can come out of the downs. And it has made me believe even more strongly in the values that drive our work at Woven by Wander: open-mindedness, curiosity, an appreciation of global diversity, and optimism about our power to make things better. We believe it is important to see the world in all its beautiful colours. We will never stop living this way and hope you won’t either.

We believe in building bridges between people and cultures. We believe that this approach enhances our lives, and that the more people who live and travel this way, the better for all of us.

Happy travels,